DevOps Conferences 2016

DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES)

DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) is a conference for the leaders of large, complex organizations implementing DevOps principles and practices. The event programming emphasizes both evolving technical and architectural practices and the methods needed to lead widespread change efforts in large organizations. The goal is to give leaders the tools and practices they need to develop and deploy software faster and to win in the marketplace.


With events in both the United States and Europe, DevOps Enterprise provides keynotes, panels, breakouts, a community space for spontaneous gatherings, and an expo hall. Sessions will be led by leaders who are pioneering these practices in large and complex organizations across a wide range of industries. The keynotes will feature industry luminaries as well as speakers from well-known companies who will share the learnings from their enterprise DevOps initiatives.

  • Owner:
    Gene Kim
  • Region:
  • Locations
    Burlingame, CA
    San Francisco, CA
  • Attendees:
  • Conference dates
    October 21, 2015
    November 7, 2016
  • Call for papers deadline:
    May 23, 2016
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