DevOps Conferences 2016

Devops Connect: Atlanta

Don’t miss this unique, opportunity to engage directly with Continuous Delivery and Jenkins experts within the DevOps community!

The CD Summit & Jenkins Days Atlanta focuses on continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) as the fundamental best practice for enterprise software delivery. The event is designed for Enterprise Managers and Buyers along with Developers, Engineers, Sys Admins, Architects. With two main tracks focused on IT managers and Jenkins practitioners, attendees will get access to the best minds in CD and DevOps. The presenters are experienced developers, build managers, QA, DevOps practitioners, IT managers/executives, architects and IT operations who are luminaries within the DevOps community. They represent the many organizations around the country that are leveraging the use of CD within the software delivery lifecycle.

The two day event consists of a day of workshops and a separate day of talking sessions.  Our educational workshops are brought to us by IBM, CloudBees, and DevOps Institute, helping to inform their learners about BlueMix, Jenkins, and DevOps.  Our talking sessions are split into three different tracks: technical, management, and Jenkins.  The technical track is more of an in-depth look at the processes and infrastructure that go into DevOps and CI/CD, compared to the mangement track which focus more on the DevOps team, a companies DevOps story, and how to achieve certain goals in DevOps.  The Jenkins track offers insight on the Jenkins platform, such as how to use it and best practices.

DevOps Connect events are currently being organized at existing conferences, such as at RSA Conference, select InnoTech events, as well as standalone events in cities around the globe. Stay tuned to our news section for these announcements.

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