DevOps Conferences 2016


What is ContainerizeThis?

ContainerizeThis is a free conference for all things containers and Big Data. It is intended to be a vendor independent and multi-track conference with the broad goal of bringing together everybody involved in the container and Big Data space for a 2-day fun-and-learn, mostly learn event.

Conference content will cover all areas of the container ecosystem, including container hypervisors, standards and specifications; orchestration and management; container-native operating systems and hosted container platforms (CaaS); networking and security; logging, monitoring and Big Data analytics; and microservices.

ContainerizeThis 2016 will be held in the Dallas suburb of Farmers Branch, Texas, from Friday, September 30 to Saturday, October 1 (2016), and will feature activities designed to appeal to a broad range of attendees, including presentations, Ignite+ talks, moderated panel discussions, ask us anything sessions, and practitioner-oriented workshops.

Conference speakers will be drawn from the academia, innovative companies that are pushing the boundaries of container development and those that are already using it in production or to facilitate their development pipeline. And attendees will come from IT personnel already using or evaluating containers, those that have heard about containers, but are still trying to figure out left from right, and IT personnel from the Big Data space.

The conference agenda is not public yet, but you may click here to view the complete conference tracks, here to complete a Call for Presentations form and here if you would love to participate as a sponsor.

If you’ll be coming in from outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area and looking to share travel and hotel costs, visit Conference Share to find others just like you.

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